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Website Expanite

Expanite commercialises gas phase technology for the surface hardening of stainless steel and other high performance metals, while maximizing corrosion resistance.

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8 March 2022

The world’s first solid titanium fountain pen with an unscratchable surface

With the ambition of creating the ultimate fountain pen, combining innovative production methods with advanced materials, Capillaris reached even further by seeking Expanite’s help with hardening the surfaces of the unique writing tool. The result is a fountain pen designed by aerospace engineer Zsolt Pataki, made from a solid titanium bar for the ultimate weight, look and feel, hardened by ExpaniteHard-Ti making it long-lasting and virtually…

7 February 2022

Expanite provides sustainable alternative to Teflon® & Co.

Expanite – The technology of the Danish pioneer for surface hardening of stainless steel and titanium is used more and more frequently when it comes to alternatives to classic fluoroplastic coatings such as Teflon®, Halar® or Xylan®. In addition to technical and commercial advantages, the environmental compatibility and sustainability of the Expanite process are playing an increasingly important role for customers. After the discovery…

3 December 2021

Replacement or Reinforcement of DLC Coatings

Expanite - the Danish pioneer of surface hardening of stainless steel and titanium replaces or supplements the widespread DLC coatings with its technology. In addition to technical and commercial advantages, the sustainability of the Expanite process is playing an increasing role for customers. Diamond-like carbon or DLC coatings are today used in many areas where excellent friction properties and good wear resistance are required on component surfaces.…



Guaranteed provides repair and hybrid manufacturing services for large industrial components using direct energy deposition technologies. This allows their customers to extend the lifetime or to reduce the downtime of their industrial equipment.

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7 February 2022


Once you have decided to go down the Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) route, the next step is at least equally important. While «value for money» is often the most analysed criterion, the truth is, working with a solutions provider must go beyond this important argument. Indeed, not only is the market filled with companies offering AM services, but also confusion can quickly arise when one realizes there is also a wide range of metal…

29 April 2020

First article on the value proposal of Guaranteed appears in 3D Print Magazine

"The Belgian start-up Guaranteed has commissioned the first of two production lines on the ArcelorMittal site in Ghent. On these lines metal parts from heavy industry, offshore and shipping are repaired or produced with WAAM technology. Guaranteed's software automatically programs the robot and the welding systems, while a second software package can simulate the end result in advance." Guaranteed was established in the summer of last…

20 March 2020

Guaranteed wins Booster Funding from EIT Raw Materials

The EIT RawMaterials Start-up & SME Booster program provides support to start-ups and SMEs to develop innovative products or services that can produce an impact in the raw materials sector or benefit its partners. As is described in EIT's "Raw Materials and Circular Societies Lighthouse" program, raw, processed and advanced materials, from primary and secondary sources, are the backbone of our economy. A radical shift is required…


Website IMSystems

IMSystems is a 2016 spin-out of the Delft University of Technology and is based in Delft, The Netherlands. The Company develops, produces and markets the patented Archimedes Drive, a new standard in high-performance gearbox technology. Instead of inherently imprecise gear teeth, the Archimedes Drive uses tractive contact to transmit torque, resulting in a more efficient and precise movement. With a product that is more accurate, robust, efficient, and scalable than existing technologies, the Archimedes DriveTM will cause a revolution in the robotics industry.

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12 August 2021

Delft robotics technology company IMSystems raises 3 million euro and announces global manufacturing partnership.

Delft, 11th of August 2021 – IMSystems has raised a 3-million-euro Series A investment from Finindus, Linamar and InnovationQuarter. The Series A round supports the commercial launch of IMSystems’ revolutionary transmission technology, the Archimedes Drive™. In addition, it enables the company to scale up for mass production via a long-term manufacturing partnership with Linamar, one of the world's largest independent gear manufacturers.…



Ionomor industrializes and brings to market patented ion exchange polymer technology that results from decades of research at the Simon Fraser University (Vancouver). The company offers environmentally friendly alternatives for proton exchange membrane electrolysers and fuel cells, as well does it have a top-notch solution enabling anion exchange membrane electrolysers, a relatively young technology enabling low cost hydrogen production.

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20 January 2022


Vancouver, Canada / January 19, 2022 - Ionomr Innovations Inc. has closed a $15 million US Series A funding round with lead investors Shell Ventures and Finindus, joined by Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV), NGIF Cleantech Ventures and Pallasite Ventures.   “This strategic investment demonstrates the industry’s confidence in Ionomr’s leading membrane and polymer technology,” said Bill Haberlin, CEO of Ionomr Innovations. …


Website JUUNOO

JuuNoo is a Belgium based company focussing on bringing to market a novel, modular and re-usable interior wall partitioning system targeting the office real estate market. The system is based on a patented, extendable metal stud system to which a range of wall finishing materials can easily be connected. Not only is the system easy to install with a reduced installation time, it also allows to dismantle and reuse all base materials, eliminating waste. JuuNoo even offers a buy-back guarantee on all its profiles to ensure they have a new economic life. The result is an aesthetic and durable wall, which has already been tested and approved by leading companies, developers and architects.

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13 May 2022

JUUNOO raises EUR 6.6 million to accelerate circularity in the building sector

Pioneer in circular partition walls wants to do away with disposable walls Kortrijk - JUUNOO, a scale-up from West-Flanders has completed its Series A Financing round with a total capital increase of EUR 3.6 million, complemented by EUR 3 million in loans and grants. The business intends to use these funds for the further internationalisation of its sustainable walls and the development of a brand new digital platform within the office…

Keystone Tower Systems

Website Keystone Tower Systems

Keystone Tower Systems has developed and patented a highly efficient technology to produce wind turbine towers using spiral welding.

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16 May 2022

Keystone Tower Systems begins manufacturing world’s first spiral-welded wind turbine towers in Pampa, Texas

Brings advanced manufacturing to conventional tower market; plans for on-site manufacturing of tall towers, and entry into offshore wind market Denver, Colorado, May 13, — Keystone Tower Systems has begun commercial production of the first utility-scale spiral-welded towers at their new factory in Pampa, Texas, in the heart of America’s wind energy industry. Keystone’s new factory has brought back to life the site of a former oil…

7 June 2021

Keystone Tower Systems’ spiral steel wind towers coming to market

Three industry leaders join to scale onshore and offshore applications and open new regions for economical wind power   Keystone Tower Systems is teaming up with energy and manufacturing sector leaders Steve Lockard, Larry Oglesby, and Peter Bierden to expand its patented spiral-welded steel towers across the wind power industry.   Keystone’s tapered spiral-welded technology significantly drops the cost and time to build both onshore…

7 February 2020

Keystone Tower Systems Builds State-of-the-Art Wind Turbine Tower Manufacturing Facility in the US

Denver, CO, USA -  February 6, 2020 – Keystone Tower Systems, Inc. has started construction on its first full industrial-scale tower manufacturing plant in the U.S. The facility will have the capacity to produce towers for wind turbines representing over 1 gigawatt of energy production per year. The facility utilizes Keystone’s proprietary spiral welding process, enabling fully automated tower manufacturing at ten times the speed…


Website Rein4ced

Rein4ced produces carbon and steelfibre reinforced composites, initially targetted at high end bike frame applications.

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9 April 2021


REIN4CED successfully closes € 7.0 million Series B capital increase to support its growth as European OEM composite manufacturer. Capricorn Partners leads the financing round.   LEUVEN, Belgium, April 6, 2021 — REIN4CED NV, a Belgian manufacturer of advanced composite bicycle frames has successfully completed its series B capital increase of € 7.0 million led by Capricorn Partners. The investment was carried by the Capricorn…

17 January 2020

Accell Group shifts to automated production of carbon fiber bicycle frames in Belgium

 January 16, 2020 PRESS RELEASE - Collaboration with Leuven based innovator REIN4CED January 16th 2020 – Today Accell Group and REIN4CED announced their collaboration on the automated production of high-end carbon fiber bicycle frames for Accell. Mid 2020 the first hardtail mountain bikes with the new technology for Accell’s brand Ghost will be available in Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Czech. REIN4CED…

18 July 2019

The consequences of stiff bicycle frames

Bicycle frames should be light and stiff. The past several years, technologies have developed further and further such that these frames become continuously lighter and stiffer. Some wonderful developments for (professional) cyclists, until they have an ugly fall. The limits of carbon The weight of bicycle frames has steadily gone downwards over the past years. The bicycle with which Eddy Merckx won the Tour fifty years ago is nothing in comparison…


Website Sentea

SENTEA (BE,2018) develops interrogators for fibre optic sensors (a.o. fibre bragg grating sensors). By integrating the optical parts directly on a chip and using existing fabs, the interrogator can be made more robust and more reliable, and be offered at a substantially lower cost. SENTEA enables condition monitoring to become the standard.

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7 October 2021

Sentea raises 2.3 million Euros to support the growth of its fiber optic sensing business

Ghent (Belgium) – October 7th, 2021 – Sentea, a leading supplier of read-out systems for fiber optic sensor, today announced to have successfully raised 2.3 million Euros to further expand its business. The investment round is supported by its current investors Finindus, PMV, QBIC II and Fidimec. Sentea’s photonic integrated technology enables large-scale deployment of fiber optic sensing for a wide array of monitoring applications,…

10 September 2018

Finindus invests in Sentea, a fiber optic sensing spin-off launched by UGent and imec

Silicon photonics based fiber optic sensing allows for highly accurate, small, robust and cost-efficient structural health monitoring and process control Ghent (Belgium) - September 10, 2018 – Ghent University (UGent) and imec today announced the incorporation of Sentea, a spin-off from their world leading Photonics Research Group. An initial 1.6 million Euro in funding was raised from Fidimec, Finindus, PMV and QBIC II and the founders.…


Website TAU ACT

Tau is a technology and sustainable manufacturing company at the core of the electrification of transport and decarbonization of energy. Its research, development, incubation and patented technologies pair environmental responsibility with superior performance and peace-of-mind operating simplicity. Tau focuses on carbon-conscious protective coatings for high-performance and standard copper, aluminium and steel wires. Tau has offices in Turin (Italy), Moscow (Russia) & Berlin (Germany).

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22 July 2021

Electrification venture Tau delivers prototype wire to the automotive industry and finalizes its €10.25m series-A round

OEM and Tier 1 to use Tau’s carbon-conscious high-performance wire in electric motor development Turin/Berlin, 22 July 2021 – Coinciding with the milestone of delivering prototype winding wire to the automotive industry, Tau concluded its financing round with additional funding from Finindus, a Belgium-based investment company financed by ArcelorMittal and the Flemish Region, and a top-up by German specialty chemicals company ALTANA.…



XenomatiX is a Leuven (Belgium) based provider of true solid state lidar sensors for advanced driver-assisted systems (ADAS), autonomous driving (AD) and road digitization. The company has developed hardware as well as software enabling high resolution real-time 4D-6D digitization, generating a rich dataset that accurately reveals people and objects’ position, size and shape, as well as their distance and motion in all weather conditions. XenomatiX combines a multi-beam laser projector concept with scalable, semiconductor based detector technology, resulting in a reliable and compact solution at a highly attractive price.

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21 June 2022

XenomatiX and Zensor expand their ecosystem in the infrastructure market

21.06.2022 – Leuven- Safety and durability are cornerstones in XenomatiX’ and Zensor’s strategic development and key in the decision criteria to set up partnerships in their ecosystem.  Today, XenomatiX and Zensor announce their collaboration on safety and durability in the infrastructure market and their joint support in a total solution approach. XenomatiX, a solid-state LiDAR provider in the automotive and industrial…

23 May 2022

XenomatiX host delegates from the Saudi Ministry of Transport

International Road Federation (IRF) Member XenomatiX hosted today a delegation comprising twenty delegates from the Saudi Ministry of Transport & Logistic Services, the governmental agency tasked with developing Saudi Arabia’s transportation system and making the Kingdom a global logistics center. The tour began at the company’s headquarters in Leuven, Belgium where CEO Filip Geuens and the Application Engineering Team presented…

2 May 2022

XenomatiX joins Altair Partner Alliance

Altair, a global technology company providing solutions in product development, high-performance computing and data intelligence, is pleased to welcome XenomatiX true-solid-state lidars to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). Altair offers on-demand access to a broad spectrum of software applications from over 55 companies in Altair’s Partner Alliance. Altair’s customers are able to leverage a wide range of software tools from a centralized…