16 May 2022

Keystone Tower Systems begins manufacturing world’s first spiral-welded wind turbine towers in Pampa, Texas

Brings advanced manufacturing to conventional tower market; plans for on-site manufacturing of tall towers, and entry into offshore wind market

Denver, Colorado, May 13, — Keystone Tower Systems has begun commercial production of the first utility-scale spiral-welded towers at their new factory in Pampa, Texas, in the heart of America’s wind energy industry.

Keystone’s new factory has brought back to life the site of a former oil and gas facility in Pampa, with a technology familiar to pipeline producers. With 40 employees already on site, the company intends to scale to become one of the largest employers in the region. The first tower will be delivered this summer to a project in Texas.

Keystone has also added talent, including new board member Vikas Anand. Formerly the CEO of GE Renewable Energy Onshore Wind Americas, Anand brings additional vision and expertise to the organization. “Keystone’s technology is an example of the innovative breakthroughs we need to expand deployment of wind energy to make it one of the primary renewable electricity sources throughout the country and the world,” Anand said.

Keystone Tower Systems has invested more than 10 years into developing tapered spiral welding to address wind tower logistics and cost constraints. The spiral welding equipment can be operated directly on-site at a wind project, allowing steel to be shipped in as flat sheets, then rolled and welded into 20- to 25-foot diameter towers at the project site. By making towers on-site larger in diameter than can be shipped, it is possible to cost-effectively reach hub heights in excess of 500 feet.

“Spiral-welded towers have many advantages,” said CEO Eric Smith. “To deliver the most advanced towers on the market, we’ve designed them in close partnership with the world’s largest turbine OEMs. Spiral welding makes possible a new level of automation, which will result in the fastest production and highest quality the industry has ever seen.”

The Department of Energy continues to highlight Keystone Tower Systems as a success story.  Having received funding in the past from the Innovative Small Business Research Program and the Wind Energy Technology Office, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) last week published “How Spiral Welding is Revolutionizing Wind Turbine Manufacturing.”

Additionally, Keystone is working with Southern Company as proposed in Georgia Power’s 2022 Integrated Resource Plan, which proposes to the utility board a demonstration of Keystone’s on-site manufacturing capability to make taller towers and access a major wind resource over the Southeastern U.S. 

To learn more about Keystone Tower Systems, and how spiral-welded wind towers represent a major advance in the wind industry, please visit www.keystonetowersystems.com.