20 March 2020

Guaranteed wins Booster Funding from EIT Raw Materials

The EIT RawMaterials Start-up & SME Booster program provides support to start-ups and SMEs to develop innovative products or services that can produce an impact in the raw materials sector or benefit its partners.

As is described in EIT's "Raw Materials and Circular Societies Lighthouse" program, raw, processed and advanced materials, from primary and secondary sources, are the backbone of our economy. A radical shift is required from linear to circular thinking. End-of-life products must be considered as a resource for another cycle, while losses and stocks of unused materials must be minimised and valorised along the value chain.

This aligns perfectly with the focus of Guaranteed which is to use WAAM-technology to repair or rebuild large metal components beyond conventional techniques, thereby prolonging the life of ageing industrial equipment, reducing long lead times and eliminating storage costs.