8 January 2021

Expanite continues the development within surface hardening of titanium – by adding a new test furnace!

“Improving our solutions is an ongoing process, we will never stop…” says Expanite’s CEO Thomas Abel Sandholdt when he refers to the latest investment that Expanite has made within surface hardening of titanium. The future in Expanite’s titanium solutions Expanite recently added a new furnace to the treatment centre in Denmark, with the purpose of improving the surface appearance of parts which have been hardened. Together with specialists from the Technical University of Denmark, the Expanite team is testing new post-treatment technologies. This development comes on alongside of the already commercially available ExpaniteHard-Ti process, where Expanite can increase the wear and galling resistance of titanium significantly. ExpaniteHard-Ti is already applied to a large variety of industries including fasteners, pumps & valves, medical devices and consumer goods – whether brought to world via additive manufacturing (3D printing) or more traditional approaches. Eventually, Expanite will expand its offerings within surface hardening of titanium. Stay tuned for more updates in 2021