24 February 2021

Calyos awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

Following a review from three experts, Calyos’ Loop Heat Pipe technology has been added to the Solar Impulse Foundation’s 1000 Efficient Solutions list.

The label is a testament to the passive nature of our solution, offering a sustainable choice to thermally manage the latest power electronics and processors, elements critical in the worldwide movement towards sustainable development. Calyos’ team is delighted the technology has been recognized as a passive alternative to active (pumped) water cooling systems.

Our CEO provided the following statement:

“The Solar Impulse Foundation has been doing a fantastic job identifying and reviewing efficient solutions to ‘change the world’. Becoming part of the 1000 solutions is a true testament to the impact our LHP solutions can have. As we continue to scale up, this label will help to further solidify our position as we continue to battle against the trend to move towards water cooling with our passive, green technology.”

Antoine de Ryckel, CEO

About Calyos

Calyos is a manufacturer of thermal management systems for high-performance components. We operate in a wide range of markets from automotive to healthcare and have a strong IP portfolio to protect our products and ensure the greatest benefits are realized for our customers.

Our technology originated in the space industry and in 2014 we gained complete rights to the non-space market. Since then we have been growing and developing our technologies into the products and solutions you see today.