5 October 2021

ADAS and Autonomous Product 2021 – Finalist

Leuven – 05.10.21 – XenomatiX is proud to have been shortlisted for the 2021 Informa Tech Automotive Award for – ADAS & Autonomous Product/Service. All nominations are available here: https://wardsauto.informa.com/informa-tech-automotive-award.

‘’This award recognizes XenomatiX’ true-solid-state LiDAR, XenoLidar-X as one of the best lidar technology for automotive applications,” said Filip Geuens, CEO of XenomatiX.

XenoLidar-X is lightweight and small, ideal for seamless integration in a vehicle or into any type of mobility systems such as drones and robots. It uses a unique concept of performant global shutter, the so-called ‘multi-beam’.
Completely different from the competitive LiDAR landscape, XenomatiX offers a no-scanning LiDAR, detecting the whole scene in ‘one flash’ without the constraints of shorter range or high power. Multi-beam is an innovative, simple but high performant concept, with ranges beyond 200m and normal power consumption. XenomatiX’ lidars are also known as 6D lidars, including 3D geometry, valuable intensity (for road markings), time information and camera images: a lidar with an inherently incorporated camera. The sensor facilitates sensor fusion and provides complementary information, strongly supporting the safety applications.

About XenomatiX

XenomatiX is the first company to offer true-solid-state lidar solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) and road digitization.  XenomatiX designs and builds products and software that enable precise real-time 4D-6D digitization and an understanding of a vehicle’s surroundings, empowering applications that lead to safer and more comfortable vehicles. XenomatiX provides customized series production lidar modules, called X-Module for ADAS and AD.  6D Road Scanning offers road survey equipment, services, and road quality analysis tools. The company’s true solid state lidar provide unequalled object detection and tracking, free space detection, road profile measurement and localization capabilities, based on reliable mature technology components. XenomatiX’ partnership with Tier 1 suppliers and automotive companies include, amongst others Marelli, AGC, Siemens, Imec, Septentrio, Cosworth, TOYO, JAT and Shanghai ZK.

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