24 June 2020

REIN4CED| Team leader

What can you expect?

To strengthen our team, REIN4CED is looking for a team leader to lead and coach a team during the daily operations, so that the team can work productively and succeeds in meeting customer requirements.

You will lead a team of approx. 10 team members in the successful development of a project. As team leader, you will actively contribute to our ambition to develop the next generation carbon bicycles. You will ensure smooth operations within your team and you motivate and develop your team members.

Detailed job description

- You set clear individual and team goals and evaluate progress to allow teams to work effectively and collaboratively.

- You coach team members on achieving goals and develop necessary skills that get results. This involves developing team members’ performance, offering constructive and corrective feedback and demonstrating the desired skills and expected work ethic.

- You identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team and team members, determine areas of opportunity and the appropriate steps to improve on them.

- You’re responsible for daily organisation and follow-up of the activities of the team and solve day-to-day operational issues which may occur, in order to reach the objectives as set forward. Your razor-sharp focus keeps the team on track and helps them to set priorities and say no if needed.

- You ensure clear, regular and pro-active communication to all team members with regards to the objectives and progress, and adjust where needed to reach the targets as set forward

- You coordinate, attend and lead team meetings and you have regular consultation with colleagues and management with regard to KPI’s.

- You have close collaboration and short communication lines with the team members so that a positive mindset and collaboration can be maintained. You resolve issues when conflict arises while adhering to the company policy and standards of behaviour.

- Your compelling picture of the vision and strategy motivates your team to action. Your personal commitment to the vision, your ownership and positivism contribute to our company-wide energy and passion for our job.

- You gain the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity and authenticity. You follows through on commitments and shows consistency between words and actions.

- Think out-of-the-box, initiate and/or steer projects to continuously improve operations regarding yield, quality, cost and/or delivered output. Create room within processes to test/perform proposals for improvement.

What do we expect from you?

- A good dose of enthusiasm and passion for composite materials, technology and innovation gives you already an edge.

- You have at least 15 years’ work experience of which

• At least 5 years in a team leader role in a technical environment 

• At least 5 years in a production environment;

• Work experience in composite materials is an important plus;

• Work experience in a high-quality demanding sector such as automotive or aerospace is an important plus;

- You have exceptional planning and organisational skills, especially under high time pressure.

- Your strong analytical, problem-solving skills and decision-making skills allow you to take quick and multiple decisions throughout the day, based on a limited amount of information.

- You are driven towards successful completion of your assignments.

- You are able and keen to work in a very fast paced, growth environment. You are flexible in doing and thinking so that you can easily adapt in our evolving and growing start-up/scale-up environment.

- You are comfortable working with a multi-disciplinary team. Your ability to understand engineering problems and assess criticality of issues, as well as your coaching and people skills, make you a trusted and respected team leader.

- You have demonstrated leadership skills. You can communicate in a clear, effective way and are able to also pick up non-verbal communication signals.

- You are fluent in Dutch and English, both written and spoken.

What do we offer you?

Starting at REIN4CED offers you the opportunity to participate in an innovative and ambitious project. You are part of a young, dynamic and driven team. Our flexible, progressive and informal working environment offers you the opportunity to take initiatives and show responsibilities. There are no fixed ideas in our company, and you will have the opportunity to help shape the culture and growth of REIN4CED.

Your enthusiasm and commitment will be rewarded with a competitive salary, plus a decent package of benefits and lots of nice extras that we like to spoil our staff with.