26 May 2021

REIN4CED| Maintenance coordinator

REIN4CED produces impact-resistant and lightweight bicycle frames for bicycle brands that want to offer their cyclists maximum performance with improved safety and durability.

Carbon fiber composites, known from Formula 1 and sports bicycles, are light and strong but can cause sudden, brittle and dramatic fracture behavior. As a solution, REIN4CED has developed and patented a new composite material and a new fully automated production process. In this way, REIN4CED wants to create impact-resistant and lightweight bicycle frames that offer riders maximum safety and durability. The focus is initially on the bicycle market, followed by the car industry and the aviation industry.



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What can you expect?

·      You are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of complex machines and installations, both electrical and mechanical.

·      You draw up a maintenance plan for each machine in our production line and (where necessary) you are responsible for its implementation.

·      You communicate directly with the suppliers and order the necessary parts.

·      You manage the spare parts in stock and you order them on time.

·      You manage the maintenance planning and coordinate with production for its implementation.

·      You make the decision whether maintenance interventions are carried out by the operator, maintenance technician or external parties.

·      You draw up a plan to train operators and maintenance technicians.

·      You manage the documentation, interventions and maintenance plan of all installations with specific software (Ultimo).

·      You accurately catalog the interventions performed on the machine.

·      You are a backup for the technicians so that you can take over their tasks if necessary.

What do we expect from you?

·      You have 10 years of relevant experience in a production environment. You have experience as a maintenance technician.

·      You have a bachelor's degree in electromechanics (or equivalent through experience)

·      You are bitten by technology and are not afraid to roll up your sleeves.

·      You can read technical plans.

·      You have hands-on experience in maintaining industrial installations.

·      You are flexible and you make yourself available to provide assistance with urgent interventions (also outside office hours if necessary).

·      You have a good knowledge of Dutch and English.

·      You are open in all your communication with respect for other opinions.

Wanted experience

More than ten years of experience

What do we offer?

Starting at REIN4CED offers you the opportunity to participate in an innovative and ambitious project. You are part of a young, dynamic and driven team. Our progressive and informal working environment offers you the opportunity to take initiatives and show responsibilities. There are no fixed ideas in our company, and you will have the opportunity to help shape the culture and growth of REIN4CED.

Your enthusiasm and commitment will be rewarded with a competitive salary, plus a decent package of benefits and lots of nice extras that we like to spoil our staff with.

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